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Happy New Year to all.


Imagine the Earth before Man walked upon it. Think of that very thin atmosphere that surrounds this spinning ball of rock, protecting us from the blazing heat of the Sun.

We are destroying it, WHY.

Visualize the Oceans and seas when the only things that were washed up on the golden beaches were Natural.

We are polluting it, WHY.

The answer to these questions is quite simple, “GREED” .  The Human desire for money and power.

Let us now set some new priorities for 2018 and beyond.  Let us clean up this filthy place, let us rid the place of all the crap we pump into the once pristine Oceans,  Seas and sky.

Finally a note to Mr Trump  :   ‘There’s none so blind as those who will not listen.’   !!!

Crazy Cat Lady.

The Psychology Behind Animal Hoarding


It has been recognized that any person who own’s 10 or more animals is suffering from a mental disorder.  

 Animal hoarding hasn’t been firmly linked to any single disorder and explanations range from delusional disorder, attachment disorder, OCD, zoophilia, addiction and even dementia. Often, animal hoarders suffer with issues of self-neglect as well as issues linked to child abuse.

How many animals do you own ?


A few words now on the Hurricane’s that have destroyed so many lives in America.

hurricane Hutch

My Heart goes out to these stricken people and trust they will receive all the help they need and soon.


“where is the wind when it isn’t blowing”  !!!


Kenny x


Found myself in York last week, to meet up with my friend the Laird Glencairn. We had a pleasant 3 hour chat that seemed now to last 3 minuets. The time fly’s when you are talking to wise people.  It is talking to fools that makes time drag it’s feet.


So hear you see the Laird, myself and Christine.

Christine was a Lifeguard at the local swimming pool and indeed has saved

a number of children from drowning. 

The Laird is an Historian but a man of the here and now.

A Man with a deep knowledge of many things in life and a rapier like whit to boot.

Challenge him at your own risk

2017-06-15 15.35.29


This wood is older than America.  🙂

2017-06-15 12.31.03

A couple of snaps of the Minster.

2017-06-14 20.24.19

2017-06-14 20.24.05

All in all it was a pleasant visit and meeting the Laird again

was the cherry on the top.

2017-06-15 15.35.2911

If ever you should find yourself in York, then seek out a place called 

“YEA OLD SHAMBLES TAVERN”   and ask for Harold. 🙂  





I have always been a Sun lover and yes I knew the risks involved. But like other Sun lovers, I choose to ignore them. I was of the frame of mind that if the worst should happen, then i would just accept the consequences of loving the Sun and die   !!! 

 I never believed for one moment that I would ever sucume . How wrong I was. 

Yes I have been diagnosed with Skin Cancer.  “Squamous cell carcinoma”

It is a very common form of Cancer in fact from over a Million cases

only a little over 8 thousand died.

I like those odds.  So at present I am not overly concerned, but that may change

if it “spreads”


Because of my liver transplant. There is no alcohol in my life.

Because of my Diabetes. There is no sugar in my life.

Now because of this. There is no Sunshine in my life.


Written across my Heart in burning letters are the words,


Written across my Brain in burning letters are the words,







Mother Nature has created a most amazing work of art.


It is that handful of slippery matter that lives inside your skull

It can ache from laughter or it can weep from sadness.

It can tell you things that you would rather remain ignorant of.

It can guide you to the place you wish to be, or it can lead you to Hell.

It is “your” Brain and you are responsible for what it thinks.

You alone know the password to that little computer in your head.

But it is of no use to you, if you can’t get on line.

Some people need a little help to get themselves connected, that’s all.

North Korea.

Originally posted 4 years ago.


I have always viewed North Korea with  suspicion. That brutal regime is a brooding menace , just waiting to explode  like a volcanic eruption. Fracturing what little peace we have here on Earth. Billions of pounds spent on becoming an illegal nuclear power, while it’s brainwashed people scratch an existence among the dust.

Is “Kim Jong Un”  a loose cannon or is he just flexing the muscles of his new found power.  No man in possession of all his faculties , would/could “press the button”. But what if he is in fact unstable , with a desire to go down in history as the craziest of them all.

Beware the young gun, “volant”


Kim Jong Un,

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, signing papers to ratify a strike against the US and its bases in the Pacific this week. Photograph: ZUMA / Rex Features

North Korea’s latest threat to rain missiles on the US, with maps showing flight paths across the Pacific, and leader Kim Jong-un signing orders at a midnight meeting, raises even more pointedly the question that the past month of ever more feverish menaces has already posed. Namely: are they serious? Do they mean it? Could a Korean Armageddon really happen?

“I believe it can”


I fear no ill.


Pure Madness.




The policy statement, authored by Johns Hopkins Medical School Psychology Professor Paul McHugh, listed eight arguments on why gender reclassification is harmful.


If you are born into this World as a Man, then you live and die in this World as a Man. Regardless of what you have had added, or lopped off.  IMO.

Any Parent who would agree to their “child  ” undergoing such a  procedure,

should have that “child” removed from their care. 

Also any adult male or female who has undergone this procedure

must be deranged.  IMO.


What do you think about it  ?





HOT !!!





It stings like hell when we lose our Mothers.

But the Love she showed you, remains, place it in your pocket and reach for it

whenever you need her wisdom.

Worship to God. Element of design.